More conservative that you can

The breast may be the site of tumors, whether benign or malignant.

The tumors originate not only from the parenchyma itself, even by soft tissue, skin and subcutaneous tissue, and lymphatic and hematopoietic tissue.

The extension of the tumor and the biological aggressiveness of the disease affect the outcome of treatment.

In most cases today surgery is the first step to be conducted.

With the introduction of large-scale screening programs and campaigns to raise awareness of women, the diagnosis of breast cancer is performed in an early stage.

This allows surgery to preserve the breast, allowing for local tumor control and the acquisition of all data relevant to the staging.

Prospective studies and randomized works say that relapse is the sum of local  and general factors, that relapses are mainly located in the quadrant of the tumor, the resection margins of the dial shows almost always negative and therefore the disease can be considered " QUADRANT DISEASE ".

The total mastectomy may be the best choice if there is an extensive intraductal component or if the quadrantectomy no warranties on the negativity of resection margins.