The breast irradiation

To achieve local control of cancer in breast conserving treatment radiation therapy is associated to surgical excision.

The technique used for radiotherapy of the breast after conservative surgical treatment should adequately cover the volume at risk, providing a uniform dose across the target tissues, avoiding overlapping ol'inadeguata affixing of the field and minimize the dose reaching the heart and lungs.

Complications after external beam radiation therapy, although rare, can be acute-onset form of fatigue, and skin rash, or late, such as rib fractures and edema of the arm.

The irradiation is administered in hospitals bunker for  5-6 weeks, 5 days a week.

Several studies show that as soon as the radiation therapy is administered, the greater is the security to prevent recurrence.

The ideal irradiation occurs at time zero contestually the excision: IORT (Intraoperative Radiation Therapy).

This is now possible through the existence of electron accelerators in the mobile operating room and capable of delivering the radiation dose in a minute, without altering the time of anesthesia of the patient.

The technique is called the base ELIOT (electron IORT) and showed a local control of relapse of external radiotherapy.

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Radiation therapy may also be given after mastectomy to strengthen the local-regional control but, unfortunately, this does not translate into improved survival.