What is breast cancer

It is not only a disease to women

Breast cancer consists of abnormal mass of tissue within a normal tissue, due to the progressive and uncontrolled growth of transformed cells.


Malignant tumors are characterized by cells that vary widely and can be distributed in the surrounding tissues or lymph vessels, they tend to recur after surgical excision (recurrences), particularly in the same area of removal.

It is demonstrated that the area at risk is the one adjacent, between 1 and 3 cm, around the operating bed.

While surgical procedure wants to make more conservative, on the other hand the patient must be assured from relapse. In this sense is fundamental the radiation treatment.

Radiation therapy can now be administered directly into the operating room during surgery, and be focused exactly on the operating area, preserving healthy tissue around it. IORT (intraoperative radiotherapy) permits to "sterilize" the area at greatest risk of recurrence and to eliminate any residual microscopic or macro.

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